Hitting Much More Than The Road: FakeDrivingSchool Review!

Fakedrivingschool is sure a site that’s never going to turn down a pass! Part of the ever popular fakehub.com network of gonzo fun and frolics, this unique offering certainly offers a great stress relief. After all passing your driving test is one of those most tricky rights of passage, so why not take a break halfway through for a little fun and frolics to ease towards steadily towards glorious success?

Truth is there’s an awful lot to like about this site. Each scene follows a familiar format but is endearingly different. Each girl is uniquely beautiful, but you can be sure both the guy and gal instructors always deliver an A-grade climax. Here’s a run down on why this site is a must-see for any driving enthusiast…

Fakedrivingschool Is Fun!

Now it’s all well and good having professional grade porn but doesn’t it sometimes get a little formulaic? Stud guy with the physique of an Olympic boxer stuffs catwalk model… you know the type. Frankly that’s fantasy porn, the sort of thing you’d love to happen of course but simply doesn’t really occur in the real world.

On the other hand Fakedrivingschool is not just curiously realistic it’s also much more fun! Pretty much each scene will start with genuine banter between the instructor and student, which quickly ends up getting hot and kinky. It simply doesn’t seem that scripted and honestly I don’t think very many of these steamy scenes actually are. All this adds to the realism when they’re trysting away in many positions inside and out the car. Could it happen to you? You never know – and that’s the key appeal of this cracking website.

A Great Mix Of Stunning Models

Continuing with the importance of realism to this site, these girls are the type who would certainly make you look twice or thrice, but are potentially obtainable. They don’t come over (pun intended) as being too good for a bit of good old fashioned steamy porn. If there’s ever a site that’s spearheading the long overdue return of gonzo ‘girl next door’ action, this has to be at the top of the table.

Now back to these girls. You never really know who is taking advantage of who with this site! Is the instructor just a supremely talented pick up artist, or is the stress of the test making the girls desperate to let off some urgent steam? Most likely it’s actually both which just adds to the fun! Either way the models are a great mix of girls featuring a good number of well known pornstars who certainly enjoy letting loose without hours long shoots under uncomfortable studio lights. They simply want to bang – and by goodness they do so with vigor!

Same is true for the lesser known ladies who take the fateful test. There’s plenty of genuine college age beauties who fancy taking on a bit of rough – after all who wouldn’t with these charmers! It’s not all guy/girl either – the lady instructor features in plenty of scenes guiding their students to a glorious climax, fingers, tongue and toys – you name it!


In all honesty anyone who doesn’t feel an impressive stir in their private parts when enjoying this site really doesn’t get proper porn. The scenes are shot so well that you can almost smell the action, with plenty of closeups not just of the jiggy bits but also the girl’s face as she cums time and again. There’s none of that fake wailing you get with most porn nowadays – these are girls really getting off on a good, honest old fashioned shafting. And who couldn’t enjoy that!

All in all it’s a great site and a more than worthy addition to the ‘Fake’ stable of sites featuring scenes far and away better than most sites out there. So – who want’s to be a driving instructor?