How Apple is doing after Steve Jobs era

These years, a lot has changed about Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook, much of it is good. Much of the changes can be attributed to the fact Tim Cook and Steve Jobs are two different personalities. Cook’s succession to the throne of Apple CEO has been marked with tremendous achievements.

Here is how Apple is doing after Steve Jobs era.

Apple has become more collaborative under the leadership of Tim Cook. Jobs placed a lot of emphasis on security measures. For instance, he had created internal silos within Apple to help boost secrecy. Even though some of these security measures still exist, the majority of them have been broken down by the new CEO to increase collaboration. The ousting of Scott Forstall, a former iOS, for instance, was done to provide room for more collaboration. The product of this has been overwhelming with Apple’s online services now performing much better than it used to perform under Jobs.

Apple has also become more shareholder friendly. Cooks administration regards shareholders and their opinion very highly. This is opposed to Jobs who never regarded investors in any meaningful way. Jobs was also against returning capital to shareholders and in most cases preferred storing them to some degree which rather appeared unreasonable. He even failed to pay attention to an advice Warren Buffett’s offered him on the matter. Today, this move by Tim Cook has earned Apple a massive capital return program.

It is no doubt that the death of Jobs meant a great loss to the company.

Ever since the demise of Jobs, Apple has become more engaged with the media. During Jobs era, Apple developed a tendency of stonewalling the media. By then if you come across any document about Apple, the first news you would come across was that Apple had refused to comment. This might have been a strategy used by Steve to influence the media via controlled favoritism. Once Cook took office, he had an ambition of changing how the media was interacting with Apple. Though unofficial, this could have sparked Cotton’s early retirement. Cotton was the company’s head of PR up to 2014. With the new changes, today’s Apple is media friendly as it readily responds to media inquiries. They even grant executive interviews, something that never existed before.

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The company has become more profitable. Apple has registered most profits in the four fiscal years following Steve Jobs death. Apple also boasts of a 74.8 million iPhone record with the twelve-month sale of over 220 billion US dollars. Cook has set the company on a new level.

Apple Company has been more socially responsible too which can be attributed to its current CEO, Cook. The CEO’s willingness to address human rights issues within the company’s supply chain has made great impacts on the growth of Apple. Jobs, unfortunately, lacked social responsibility as he was more focused on the development of the product. It is no doubt that the death of Jobs meant a great loss to the company. However, Cooks has made changes that deserve some credit.